Business and Corporate Law

Texas Business Formation - Which Business Entity Should I Choose?

How Do I Obtain a Default Judgment Against a Business Entity?

What is a Covenant Not to Compete?

Probate and Estate Administration

I Was Just Named Independent Executor of Someone’s Will – What Should I do?

What Are Letters Testamentary and What Do I Need These For?

What Should I do when I’m ready to distribute the estate property?

Criminal Law


What do I do if I'm Arrested?

Do I need to talk to police or other law enforcement after I have been arrested?

Family Law

How much will my Divorce cost?

How long will it take to finalize my Divorce?

What is separate property and community property?

What is "Common-Law" Marriage?

Personal Injury

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

How long do cases take to settle?

What is a statute of limitations and does it apply to me?

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