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Owning a business can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating if not done properly. Let the attorneys of Gary E. Patterson, P.C. assist you with all aspects of business law, including the following services:

Business Formation, including LLCs, partnerships, corporations, and other entities.  Attorneys at Gary E. Patterson, P.C. understand the risks and benefits associated with forming a legal entity under the laws of the State of Texas. Attorneys at the firm have decades of experience helping Texans with their business start-up needs, from choosing the appropriate entity to drafting operation agreements. Attorneys have formed numerous LLCs (Limited Liability Companies), LPs (Limited Partnerships), PAs (Professional Associations), and For-Profit Corporations.

Business Disputes. Receiving trustworthy and committed counsel is crucial in today's business climate, especially when your business is faced with a legal dispute. Attorneys at Gary E. Patterson, P.C. strive to resolve business disputes for clients in a cost-effective manner. Protecting the business' rights, interests and bottom line are our interests at every stage. Attorneys represent clients involved in disputes with another business, government entities, and disputes concerning shareholders or members of the business.

Breach of Contract. When individuals and businesses sign a contract, the parties expect one another to perform the obligations under the contract. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Contractual disputes can arise concerning the definition of terms, the inability of one party to perform under the contract, or a party simply refusing to perform without justification. Regardless of the breach, the likely result is a damage to the non-breaching party. Attorneys at Gary E. Patterson, P.C. have the experience needed to recover on or defend against claims for breach of contract. Services include contract review, prosecution, and restitution for contractual breaches.

Collections. Attorneys at Gary E. Patterson, P.C. offer collection and litigation services to companies and individuals who seek to collect debts owed throughout the state of Texas. Our services include pre-litigation attempts, lawsuits, wage and bank garnishments, and proper attachment.

Unfair Competition. Texas law has long recognized the need to safeguard against unfair competition and deceptive business practices that can cause irreparable harm to businesses and business relationships. Unfair competition can be defined as any business conduct or action that is legally unjust, inappropriate and/or deceptive. Unfair competition includes the following business activities, among others: trademark infringement, use of confidential information by former employee to solicit current employees and current clients, breach of a noncompete agreement, false representation of products or false representation of services, and intentional interference with existing or prospective business relationships. Attorneys at our firm take action aimed at protecting business clients from these unfair competition.

Property and Lease Disputes. Real estate transactions require long and complicated contracts. Real estate transactions, whether for a business or for an individual, have significant financial impact because real estate is often the most valuable asset an indivudal or business owns. For the foregoing reasons, individual and businesses in the state of Texas are well advised to seek competent legal counsel if they're purchasing real property, selling real property, or attempting to resolve a dispute concerning real property.


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